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Changelog 4/15

xBlueXFoxx ao
xBlueXFoxx @ DayZ
posted Apr 15, 14
Not much has changed, but it's worth mentioning.

- An idle kick has been added to clean up some slots on the server, we occasionally get people who connect to the server then just stand in the spawn building for hours on end, taking active players slots. The idle kick was originally 5 minutes this morning but I just moved it to 10 minutes, donors will be effected by the idle kick but nothing stops them from rejoining when the servers full since they can join with their reserved slot.

- I did some more of the roadways on the new map, it's about halfway done, thankfully up north doesn't have as many.

Changelog 4/8

xBlueXFoxx ao
xBlueXFoxx @ DayZ
posted Apr 8, 14
- Thirst has been added back with a better system.
- The scoreboard is removed to check your economy balance refer to /bal.
- Damage effect from zombies is removed for now, I'll be looking for a more efficient plugin to handle it.
- New spawns now start off with stone swords as a better defense, the wooden axes had very limited range and most people just mistook it for severe lag when trying to hit zombies with them.
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